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Yoga is a healing practice that cultivates flexibility, strength, and focus through the synergy of postures and breathwork. By honoring one's body and comfort level, participants can achieve a greater level of flexibilty in areas of the body that are otherwise constricted and often a cause of discomfort . Postures encourage the lengthening of the spine, the deepening of breath, and the discipline of relaxation and strength through a series of postures that engage all major muscle groups.
Intended to be a lifelong practice, yoga is a tremendous factor in healthy living that can alter the way that our bodies flow through life! The Center for Complementary Therapies of St. Mary's Hospital offers yoga sessions through their Yoga for Everyone program. If you are interested in enrolling in an upcoming yoga session, which is held Monday evenings from 5:00- 6:15 for an 8 week session, please contact Sr. Rita-Jean DuBrey at 841-7146. Investment is $115 for the 8-class session with discounts available for St. Mary's Employees, Volunteers, and Auxiliarians. All classes are held at the Inman Center on Guy Park Avenue.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding joining a yoga class or are interested in scheduling a private lesson, please contact Abbey at Body & Soul, 320-6789 Rates for private yoga sessions are $70 per 60 minute session with multiple session packages available.
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